About CARC – Community Affairs & Resource Center


Community Affairs & Resource Center (CARC) – formerly known as Hispanic Affairs and Resource Center – is a nonprofit social service organization established in 1980. CARC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community leaders. CARC provides a variety of programs and services which operate from two sites: the main office located in Asbury Park, New Jersey and a satellite office in Freehold, New Jersey. Both sites are accessible via public transportation.

CARC services all people regardless of age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or functional capacity. Originally, the population served by CARC was primarily Hispanics of Caribbean descent. Today, CARC clients are diverse, consisting of Hispanics of various descents, Haitians, African Americans and Caucasians. Social services are provided to economically disadvantaged individuals and families throughout Monmouth County with the goal of revitalizing the communities served. CARC is one of the very few service providers in Monmouth County that can effectively provide multi-lingual/multi-cultural diversity in its services. Through this multi-lingual and multi-cultural approach, CARC serves as proactive agent for individuals and families whose needs may otherwise go unmet due to language barriers, discrimination and lack of cultural competency.

 Board of Directors

  • Eldra M. Radzik – President
  • Scott Goldman – Vice President
  • Douglas Niosi – Secretary
  • Carl DeJura  – Treasurer

Annette LaBarbera  | Doug Daniels  | Tara Demyanivich | Wanda Brauner | Magdalisa Pentz | Gerald Cioci | Theresa Tomei Ruane |
Heather Schulze


Volunteer Opportunities

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Collaborative Efforts:

If you own a business or belong to an organization and would like to provide information to the community regarding services that will benefit them, please call (732)774-3282 to discuss the possibility of scheduling a workshop, event, etc.