Super Storm Sandy Relief

Sandy Homeowner Rental Assistance Program (SHRAP)                                                                  

In November 2013, CARC received SANDY Homeowner/Renter Assistance Program (SHRAP) funds to provide relief to those affected by Superstorm Sandy. These funds were designated to assist with mortgage payments, rent and rent arrears, utility payments and by helping to replace essential household items damaged or destroyed by the Storm. To date, CARC has distributed over $1 million, through cost reimbursement basis, supporting New Jersey residents impacted by the storm with recovery efforts.

American Red Cross Sandy Relief

In December 2013, the American Red Cross awarded Community Affairs and Resource Center, along with several agencies outside Monmouth County, $225,000.000 to support Latino and NJ families with Sandy Long Term Recovery Services in affected areas in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

CARC has been designated by the American Red Cross to administer Case Management direct assistance and referrals to partner agencies for Sandy Survivors in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The purpose of this grant is to work together to identify underserved populations that have not received assistance in the recovery and are still struggling to get their lives back on track after Sandy. Thanks to the American Red Cross and our Bilingual Case Managers, working hand in hand with LTRG, we have been able to assist many families in recovering from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. Our goal is to help these communities to come back stronger than ever.

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

Leveraging Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs)/Sandy Recovery

CARC has been awarded a grant from the Monmouth County Health Department to help implement the Long-Term Health and Wellbeing Recovery Plan after Superstorm Sandy. As part of the CHIP-program, CARC is reaching out to those clients who are still suffering from mental health issues related to Superstorm Sandy. CARC is also networking with other community organizations who are also working with affected individuals throughout Monmouth County. Our goal is to provide assistance and to act as a key resource in connecting clients’ needs with available resources related to their mental health situation. This may include resources such as counseling, financial and social support, transportation, etc.

CARC can assist clients directly with some services, and will also refer clients to services of external services and agencies. Through organizing quarterly stakeholder meetings with all relevant government and non-government bodies, plus working closely with key organizations in countywide Sandy recovery, CARC aims to connect clients with the resources they need, as well as help the county map gaps still prevailing between needs and resources available in the community.