Youth at Risk

Out of School Youth Program

YouthPro is an employment and academic program for out of school youth ages 16-24.  The program focuses on employment through a Work Skills Curriculum that focuses on relating math, reading, and critical thinking to the workplace. YouthPro focuses on helping youth determine a career that will sustain them. YouthPro emphasizes Earn while You Learn by developing a career plan that incorporates work and training to get them to a desired career. Youth will test for the National Work Readiness Credential to show off their work skills to employers.  They may receive referrals for grants to pay for training programs that will leave them with a career credential.  Participants will also be placed in subsidized employment in the career field they desire to give them work experience.

YouthPro also focuses on academics. The program incorporates academics through its Work Skills Curriculum.  It also provides additional tutoring to increase literacy/math or prepare for academic goals (training programs, diploma, etc).  in addition, the program aims to prepare youth for their driver’s permit, teaches critical life skills, and links youth to resources them and their families may need.  All of this is done in a safe place where they work closely with staff mentors.

Youth leave the program with increased literacy, more work skills, work experience, a career plan, and increased self confidence that they can reach their goals.

Interested youth should contact Program Manager Christie Zelek to find out more information about the program.  Program Manager can be reached at (732) 774-3282 or